What Should Women Really Wear to Work

Written by: Sara Smith

Probably “I don’t know what to wear” is the most pronounced and thought sentence around the world and appropriately getting dressed for work can be included in anyone’s job
description. Most of the times, getting dressed for work is a struggle for many
women. Even if casual wear at work is becoming more and more common, it still
is quite hard to find the balance between personal style, fashion and your employer’s organizational culture.

Building a functional wardrobe is a must and the first step to achieve it is to do some research. First
of all observe what you like to wear, then check out trends and all-time
classics and try to find some common points between these two and the
environment you’ll be working in.

Here are some tips to help you figure out what you should wear to work.

Choose clothes that are fit. Wearing both too tight or too large clothes will not look good on you. Ensuring that your clothes are fit for your size will make you feel comfortable while
working and you won’t have to stop every few minutes to arrange your baggy blouse
or the too short skirt.

Follow your employer’s dress code. Take a look on company’s dress code and respect it. You will see
there what is considered appropriate and accepted inside the company, regarding

Try expressing your style without aggressing those around you. We know your electric green new bag
rocks but it might distract your colleagues and change their (and your) focus
from work. These shocking colors are, in visual language, similar to screaming
in the classic one.

Have a neat appearance- dry and brush your hair, clean and cut your nails, brush your teeth, take a shower, etc. These are basic care activities and they show self-respect. Avoid
sophisticated hairstyling, shocking hair accessories.
Shoes are important to choose comfortable shoes, according to the season and work environment. Pay attention to what you wear during summer because many companies have a “no visible toes” rule in their dress code. During cold seasons, choose the most comfortable work boots because you’ll be spending a lot of time wearing them.

Strong perfume or cologne is a big no-no and is similar to neon accessories situation. Anything that anyone else can smell is not appropriate, both if the smell is pleasant or

Avoid aggressive sexy clothing: plunging necklines, extremely tall heels, short skirts that can
expose your under-garments and sometimes make compromises. If you chose a
V-neck blouse, then the other parts of the body should be covered. What’s too
much is too much.

Over-accessorizing is nor practical, nor comfortable. It might be hard to use the mouse or the keyboard with too many large bracelets. Another important aspect is that the jewelry
pieces you’re wearing should not make noise, it’s distracting and

Now that we have seen some guideline about what to wear at work, let’s see some all-time favorite clothing pieces, perfect to be worn at work:

The neutral color suit that perfect fits you are perfect to wear at work. The suit should fit your body perfectly, it should not be too large, not too small, the shoulder seams should
be right where your shoulders are and when you button the jacket, it should be
flat on your belly). Simple-shaped, classic dresses in neutral colors (navy,
black, nude, burgundy or dark green) can be easily assorted with blazers and light
jackets, perfectly fitting together for a work environment.

Pencil skirts and dress pants are also amazing options for clothing to wear at work. Pencil skirts work very well with discreet blouses and the outfit can be completed with a chic
blazer and if pencil skirts aren’t actually your type, you can opt for dress pants: comfortable and fashionable, they can also be assorted with blazers and jackets in beautiful combinations.

Sweaters, shirts, and blouses are always good choices for wearing at work when they have the simple design,neutral colors and fit with the other pieces of the outfit.

Depending on the work environment you have been blessed with, and the degree of casual-ness they show, you can also wear jeans (but not too tight), jackets and blouses in strong colors,
statement pieces of jewelry. Let’s not forget about the shoes: always choose the most comfortable option you have, and pay attention to how it works with the clothes and the accessories you have already chosen. During summer, choose the most comfortable pair of sandals (if accepted by company’s dress code) and in cold seasons choose the most comfortable pair of boots or shoes (your feet also have to feel warm).

Always follow your comfort and your style, the colors you love and try making creative
combinations with them. Don’t forget to avoid shocking pieces and colors and
pay attention to the decency of your outfits.

Step Into Spring in Style

Spring is finally here – its official – and for many of us this is the ideal time to revamp our wardrobes, have a cull of those unworn items and make several trips to the charity shop. It’s also the perfect time to indulge in a few fresh, key pieces to take us into the summer months.  But what of that poor, neglected shoe pile that’s also in desperate need of attention? Why not take the opportunity this spring to update your shoe cupboard, and give your hard-working feet a well-deserved treat?

Go on, dig out those tatty ankle boots you've had forever, and those much too-high heels you've never dared wear, and use our guide below to help transform your winter-weary walkers into tantalising twinkle-toes. They’re enough to make Quentin Tarantino embrace shoes...
So here are the main styles that you should step into this spring:

Wonderful Wedges:

All good things come in wedge-shaped packages...slices of cake, pieces of pie, pizza (you get the picture), and what’s not to love about a wedge shoe. Giving you leg-lengthening height without the risk of toppling or teetering, they’re the perfect spring/summer shoe which just keeps on coming back into fashion. Team strappy wedges with a floaty maxi skirt for a bohemian-chic look, or dress up a court shoe wedge with a fitted, body-con dress for a sophisticated evening look.

Wedges from Toms

The Cut-Out:
From Rihanna to Miley Cyrus, celebrities far and wide are embracing the cut-out shoe for spring/summer 2014, and it’s easy to see why. Not quite a sandal, not quite a formal shoe, they’re the perfect solution to your summer working wardrobe, and what better choice for a day-to-evening outfit for those post-work drinks? Choose a brogue- style cut out to channel your inner tomboy, or opt for an ankle boot style if you’re feeling bold.

Cut Out Shoes from Topshop

Beautiful Ballerinas:
Ever on-trend, the humble ballerina is a must-have for every girl with places to be and people to see. Lightweight and compact enough to fit in your handbag, ballerina pumps are a must-have item for a busy shopping day, or night strutting your stuff on the dance floor – even if only for the walk home. They’re also perfect for summer garden partying, where stilettos just won’t cut it unless you’re prepared to put up with that inevitable sinking feeling. These days they come in all styles and colours, from glamorous glittery numbers like this Starlight collection by French Sole, to these super-cute critters by Marc Jacobs.  

Ballet Shoes from French Sole

Fabulous Flip-Flops:
These days there’s more to a flip flop than a painful plastic toe thong and a choice of three colours. From practical Havainas to bejewelled beauties, they’re no longer just reserved for the beach and are our shoe of choice for that spring/summer soiree. Fancy going retro? Opt for a good enough to eat jelly shoe style. Feeling a bit flirty? Go floral with woven sole and blossom-adorned straps. How better to show off your new summery nail polish?!

Flip-Flop Jelly Shoe Style from Garage Shoes

So go on, embrace the outdoors and bound into barbecue season with the finest in footwear for spring/summer 2014.

Author Bio: Ellie Nicolaides is a fashion writer and shoe obsessive who loves the opportunity to update her shoe collection – however unnecessary that may be! She writes here for City Shoes, whose new spring/summer collection is now available.